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Frequently Asked Questions About Wind Energy

What is the average wind speed in Morris?

At 70 meters (230 feet), the average airpseed is 17.5 miles per hour.

How much did the turbine at WCROC cost?

Total construction and installation costs were approximately $2 million in 2004-2005.

What type of wind turbine is on site?

The WCROC wind turbine is a 1.65 MW Vestas V82. It is 230 feet in height, with individual blade length of 135 feet.

How much energy is used by the adjacent UMM campus?

Currently, UMM uses approximately 80% of the electricity produced. As some buildings on the UMM campus are unable to use the electricity produced by the wind turbine, the remaining 20% produced is put out on the grid and is purchased by Otter Tail Power Company.

How much energy has been produced?

In the first three years of production (March 8, 2005 - March 8, 2008), the wind turbine has produced 16 million kWh of electricity (approximately 5.33 million kWh per year). This is enough electricity to completely meet the needs of 550 homes.

How fast does the wind need to blow?

The wind turbine generates electricity any time the wind is blowing between 8 and 50 miles per hour. Maximum electrical generation takes place between 26 and 50 miles per hour. At 50 mph, the wind turbine automatically shuts down to prevent damage to its components.