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Educational Commitment

The University of Minnesota is deeply committed to sustainability and to using the resources of the state wisely. The collaboration between the West Central Research and Outreach Center (WCROC) and the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM) illustrates the University's "green" commitment and the threefold mission of the University: teaching, research and service.

The University of Minnesota, Morris is a small, public liberal arts college. Intimately connected, the liberal arts and sustainability both require thinking that is broad, interdisciplinary, reflective, and creative thinking resulting in the development of outstanding citizens.

"A personalized educational experience prepares graduates to be global citizens who are civically engaged, interculturally competent, and effective stewards of their environments."
[from UMM strategic plan]

Sustainability encompasses social, environmental, and economic responsibility in decision-making. Decisions balanced by social, environmental, and economic factors ensure that while meeting our present needs, we don't compromise the future generation's ability to meet its needs. We live in a complicated world. Sustainable thinking calls upon us to balance those many factors.

UMM educates students about sustainability, and students educate fellow members of the UMM community about sustainability.

To meet this mission, UMM is a living and learning laboratory where education takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. At UMM, conversation is leading to action all across campus.

The Educational Experience

At UMM you hear about and experience:

  • An active recycling program led by students;
  • Local food served at your table;
  • Students leading National Campus Energy Challenge events;
  • Students conducting research across disciplines examining things like: biomass economics, green chemistry, effects of climate change, antibacterial resistance, and more;
  • Students actively engaged in campus government, working for renewable energy solutions, conservation, and fair treatment of all people;
  • UMM students teaching youth about sustainability, renewable energy, biodegradability, ocean acidification, climate change, and more.

The UMM community is engaged in research, teaching, and outreach in sustainability and developing new solutions to old problems. UMM students actively shape their academic experience, engaging their minds in topics from Environmental Studies to Chemistry to Music to Political Science. Students conduct research, intern on and off campus, and participate in service learning opportunities.

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