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Biomass facility data last updated on 5/31/2013 at 11:00 a.m.

Gasifier Area Sensors Current Reading
Combustion System OFF
Combustion Chamber temp 82°F
TT230-2 Duct temp (pre FD-2) 560°F
TT230-3 Duct temp (post FD-2) 824°F
TT232-4 Combustion cell Grate temp 90°F
TT232-3 Combustion cell Grate temp 73°F
TT232-2 Combustion cell Grate temp 81°F
TT232-1 Combustion cell Grate temp 77°F
Fuel Feed to Combustor 1529ft3
FD-1 Underfire Fan VFD OFF
FD-2-1 Overfire Fan VFD OFF
FD-2-2 Overfire Fan VFD OFF
PT 230 Combustion Chamber Pressure -0.22” W.C.
Alarm Conditions Current Reading
Combustion Cell High Temp OK
Fuel Feed Backfire OK
Fuel Feed Fault OK
Low Flue Gas Temp OK
Combustion Cell Positive Pressure OK
Plant Fire Alarm OK
E-Stop Activated OK
FD-1 Damper Fault OK
Ash Gate Fault OK
FGR Fan Damper Fault OK

Steam Flow

Boiler Pressure

Boiler Drum Level

Boiler Status & Steam Production Current Reading
PT 321 Boiler Steam Pressure Xmitter 19 psi
FT 321 Steam Flow Meter 1 lbs/hr
LT 321 Drum Level Xmitter 0.03
PT 230 Combustion Chamber Pressure -0.22” W.C.
Alarm Conditions Current Reading
Operating Steam High Pressure Cutoff OK
Operating Steam Low Pressure Cutoff OK
High Steam Pressure OK
Low Water Cutoff OK
Plant Fire Alarm OK
E-Stop Activated OK
Boiler High Water OK
Boiler Low water OK
Scrubber System Current Reading
TT521-1 Pre-Economizer duct temp 255°F
TT 363-1 Economizer Inlet Water Temp 464°F
TT 363-2 Economizer Outlet Water Temp 239°F
TT521-2 Temp before Heat Exchanger 221°F
TT521-3 Temp before water injection 218°F
OA 631 Oxygen after HX-1 19.91%
TT521-4 Temp before Scrubber 191°F
pH 513 Scrubber Water pH 7.31
Dosing Pump OFF
PT 513 Sand Filter Backpressure 1.24 psi
Wet Scrubber Fan VFD ON at 18%
TT521-5 Temp after Scrubber 134°F
TT521-6 Temp before Heat Exchanger Pass 2 135°F
TT521-7 Temp after Heat Exchanger 221°F
ID Fan VFD ON at 19%
Alarm Conditions Current Reading
Plant Fire Alarm OK
E-Stop Activated OK
FGR Fan Damper Fault OK
Sand Filter High Pressure OK
Scrubber pH out of Range ALARM
The Video Pane

The video pane contains a still image obtained from the UMM Biomass Gasification Facility, identified by a label in the upper-left hand corner of the pane and also on the still image frame.

The image selection and refreshed interval can be set by the user on the Configuration page. The refresh image (Refresh) can be clicked to manually refresh the image if so desired.